Zombie Tactics

Zombie TacticsDo nothing but travel to Zombie Tactics right away, guys! Tons of zombies have risen up from underground. Now, they’re approaching the city to attack the citizens. Set foot to there to help people!

Be brave enough to confront a large number of them? Let’s start! In there, the players will control 3 characters (a nurse, a gunman, and a veteran). Whenever seeing the sign of zombies, be quick to equip them with their weapons. Next, guide them how to aim and kill the enemies in order to gain XP points. After completing the initial stages, you’ll unlock some new characters. Send them to the battlefield to assist the others. Got it? Bear in mind that the undead can counter-attack, so please be careful and cautious to preserve your characters’ life. Whenever reaching the required XP points, let’s visit Shop to get powerful weapons as well as upgrades.

Keep playing Zombie Tactics to uncover awesome things there, ok? Hope you have joyful times!

How to play

Use only the mouse to enjoy this game.


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