Zombie Raider

Zombie Raider

A cool fix of shooting game and Minecraft, namely Zombie Raider, is now in front of your eyes. What’re you waiting for? Take part in it right now, dear all guys!

Interestingly, there is no need for all players to become an explorer, a protector, or a builder, once setting foot to the Minecraft world as usual. Instead, they will role-play a raider. Sounds fun and strange? At first, use the rifle with the unlimited number of ammo to shoot at all of the zombies flocking to the raider’s position. Of course, he’ll be knocked out in case the Health bar reaches zero! As a result, please keep an eye on the rivals’ movement and evade their attack, since they may make the unexpected siege of the target.

Zombie Raider welcomes you all to confront the most challenging things here with smartness and confidence! Happy time!

How to play

The ASDW keys are for moving around.
The left mouse is for shooting.
The Shift key is for running.


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