Words Warriors

Words Warriors

Words Warriors becomes the best place to test your smartness and skills! If you are willing to solve a series of puzzled obstacles by using the words in the text, there is no time to hesitate anymore! Come on!

Today, you are asked to guide a courageous knight across the sentences, reading as they do go with the arrow keys. Please note that each sentence involves special clues or hints about what’s going on ahead, along with useful tools that can help you to cope with any monsters and concerns. The knight is unable to win right off the bat. That’s why he is advised to discover everything on his own and be knocked out sometimes before his guide – you – succeed in finding out which words can help him win.

Right now, don’t skip the first task! That revolves around opening the prison door and making an escape by using the key! Happy time during the fun content of Words Warriors!


How to play

Interact with the game by the mouse and the arrow keys.


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