Woodclicker is listed as an addicting idle style where you are allowed to build an empire of your own! Enjoy the game for an authentic experience!

The main target is simple. It is all about chopping and gathering as much wood as possible. To do that, what you must do is to continuously chop the tree by the left mouse until coins are added to your fund. It is also important to mine the veins which help earn ores as well as recruit units that help protect your place from the enemies’ attack. Keep working since a lot of bonus points will be yours if you accomplish all jobs efficiently, like buying snails for coins, establishing sawmills, hiring a chain sawyer, and so on!

Although Woodclicker is just a simple and easy game, it still leaves you addicted and excited for sure!

How to play

Use the WASD keys to move.
Use the cursor to chop.


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