William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror leads you towards a fairy tale where you’ll be in charge of navigating a knight whose responsibility is to rescue a beautiful princess in a far kingdom. It’s time to express your courage, talent, and strength by taking up and fulfilling the mission excellently!

Gruesome monsters captured and imprisoned the princess in a scary tower, so saving her from the place is not an easy duty. Today, you should give the knight a hand by accompanying him to the area. It’s not hard to realize that the opponents appear everywhere to prevent his step. More dangerously, a lot of poisonous flying bats also want to kill him. Always keep yourself smart and skillful in this case. Cash is earned and gathered from the combats with them. Remember to spend this earned budget on a few useful powers to upgrade the character.

Whether the knight may successfully free the princess or not, it depends on your help and intelligence! Have much fun with William the Conqueror!


How to play

The left mouse is held to play William the Conqueror.


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