Whack A Craft

Whack A CraftHey, all Minecraft fellows! Take spare time and travel with us to Whack A Craft ! You’ll have a chance to discover many cool things in there, so don’t waste time any longer!

When jumping into Minecraft land, the players need to help Steve perform some vital requirements. Look! Can you see 16 big holes in the front? Our man wants to collect a large number of materials. Once seeing any kinds of resources pop up from those holes, tap the mouse on them continuously in order to add them to the Inventory. They can be bricks, sand, meat, wood planks, etc. Remember to use Hint containing crafting recipes to make powerful weapons. Whenever the creepers show up, hurry to use the weapons to wipe them off. Otherwise, Steve’s lives will be deducted remarkably.

Alright, let’s set foot to Whack A Craft and have your experience! Players can choose freely between a dark cave and a green field to carry out their tasks. Enjoy it!

How to play

To collect materials, use the mouse only.

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