Twin Cat Warrior 2

Twin Cat Warrior 2

How can you ignore Twin Cat Warrior 2 after knowing that it is a special mix of action and adventure factors? The game tells about a journey of 2 twin cats. They are called the most powerful warriors in the cat world. Today, they must reach an icy dungeon for the purpose of searching for precious gems because this task is assigned by their Cat King. Come on!

At that time, you must take control over these twin cat warriors cleverly so that they are able to jump and overcome all dangers and obstacles ahead, such as mud pools, lava holes, spikes, bottomless gaps, and so on. By the way, take advantage of objects and tools to escape from any miserable situations. The best way to win this adventure is to beat up all 30 stages excellently, dear guys!

Wow, we believe that you will be absorbed by Twin Cat Warrior 2!


How to play

Player 1.
Press WASD keys to walk and jump.
Player 2.
Press arrow keys to walk and jump.

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