Trinitas is designed for boys who love becoming a hero in others’ eyes! Is it your case? Then, feel free to have an access to the game and do the job of protecting your shelter right now!

See! Your castle is under siege of knights, skeletons, and orcs. How rude they are! Their intention is to devastate it totally. Wonder how to defend the place from the continuous devastation of these hateful enemies? Just follow our guideline here! What you must do is to accurately aim at them, and the protagonist automatically shoots arrows and put them to death. Afterwards, please consider buying other useful upgrades as well as unlocking other talents who may assist you in beating up the crowded wave of the rivals more easily and efficiently.

Let your ability have room to manifest itself by entering Trinitas. Remember that we are waiting for your final performances.


How to play

The mouse is to aim.
The keys from 1 to 4 is to cast spells.
The P key is to pause the game.


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