A naughty boy in Tombik is not loved by everyone, especially his neighbor, because he always disturbs the neighbor by his playful and annoying games. Today, after seeing the naughty boy climbing a ladder to steal apples, the man is so angry that he decides to teach him a lesson. But, there is no need to help the man. Instead, you should try to guide the boy to the safe place, dear guys!

While escaping from the old neighbor, our boy does not even know that many dangers are waiting ahead to swallow him. As his controller, you should cleverly and skillfully maneuver his movement and action during this journey! Don’t waste time on taking control of his speed. That’s because it is quite automatic. Simply focus on your main task: That is to help him cope with those dangers. It’s better to let him avoid under the cows, moving carts and fences, or jump over sheep.

Stay calm since the trip to escape from the old man can make you shocked. Have fun time with Tombik!


How to play

The arrow keys on the keyboard are hit to play Tombik.


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