The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai

It is never easy at all to become a Samurai. To live by, you have a code. But, everything has dramatically changed today. All the other samurais turned into evil, and they want to use their power for the bad intentions. You are The Last Samurai who is kind and honest! Please slaughter all the evil samurais and gather fancy things which you find on the way before reaching the portal. Join in The Last Samurai now!

As the final heroic samurai, you must kill other evil samurais by the powder bombs and shurikens, defend yourself from hordes of angry red ninjas, find out all the secret scrolls on every level, and surely, congregate fancy things on the way. Try best, my dear heroes!

So, dare to fulfill all the tasks given by The Last Samurai? Don’t be hesitant anymore! Here we come!


How to play

Move with the WASD or Arrow keys.
Fire with the K, Spacebar, or Left mouse.
Set bombs with the L, X, or Right mouse.


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