The King’s League: Odyssey

The King's League: Odyssey

After winning a victory in the last tournament, Knight Whitney has been killed. So, the King is now in need of a new member of his personal protectors. That’s why he continues holding a new tournament. Believe that you have the skills to win this competition? Prove it by playing The King’s League: Odyssey!

First of all, improve your skills and abilities in the Training Course. Here is an ideal spot for you to learn basic fighting strategies, such as punches, kicks, dashes, etc., which are very using for the upcoming competition. Don’t mind fulfilling other extra tasks to gain great support! When everything is fine, let’s jump into the battleground to start your performance now.

Though what to do in The King’s League: Odyssey may sound simple, it is not like what you see! Experience the game on your own right now!

How to play

Make use of the mouse to play the game.

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