That red button

That red button

That red button is a retro puzzle platformer game where a little robot is the main protagonist! If you are ready to conquer all the in-game 43 levels, just let us see how confident and talented you are! Here we come!

In each level, all joiners are tasked with copying things, a momb bot, a little robot, and a mysterious mission. What’s next? Please have themselves always ready for other digital adventures with their picked robots and everything they take possession of. Well, winning a noble victory is never an easy task. So, you’re highly encouraged to follow all of the in-game instructions for more reference!

That red button does let your brain work! So, there is no reason to deny enjoying it, right? What’re you waiting for? Have nice performances!


How to play

The WASD keys: Go around.
The left mouse: Copy behaviors.
The S/Up key: Run fast forward.


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