Tangerine Tycoon

Tangerine Tycoon

It is possible that you have already played a few Idle Clicker games on the net. Though this type of game looks simple, it’s highly spectacular and fascinating. Want to try again? Tangerine Tycoon can satisfy a sense of the game’s charm. Let’s go!

Of course, it is not hard to get to know the game’s rule as it’s very easy to learn. Even a kid can know how to play. Launching hits on the suggested tangerine to raise the income is the main purpose. Simply show lots of constant clicks on this item and wait until the budget is filled with coins. At that time, consider spending it on buying upgrades such as Tangerine Machine, Tangerine Bush, Tangerine Farm, Tangerine Tree, and more. Further, let’s get the tangerine stocks to have marvelous things formed if necessary.

Entering Tangerine Tycoon is a good way to hone your clicking skill. It’s time to build and develop your tangerine empire. Good luck!


How to play

Use the mouse to do anything in this game.

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