Swords And Sandals Gladiator

Swords And Sandals - Gladiator

Welcome you all to Swords And Sandals Gladiator, a mini-epic game, in which players are required to defeat the foes in each fight to win a resounding victory. Enter the main screen and start customizing your own fighter now!

As usual, the game gives a wide range of suitable hairstyles, skins, stubbles, and hair colors for your favorite character. Once creating his appearance successfully, please take a close glance at the box located at the bottom. Yes, this info enables players to have a clear grasp of their chosen fighter’s ability, stamina, strength, and more. The only way to boost these elements is to become the winners in all battles. Before joining in the Arena, you must come to Weaponsmith & Armoury firstly to buy amour, helmet, shield, and weapons. With a given number of 1.000 coins, gamers may prepare anything well.

Get ready? It’s time to move forwards the battle area now! Use your potential skills to attack & knock out all at the right moment. Kill many enemies to take more ability points & coins. Good luck to you in Swords And Sandals Gladiator !

How to play

The game is wholly controlled by the mouse.

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