Have ever heard about any legend about SuperCraft? Yeah, it is mainly involved to a superhero whose hobby is to unearth the surroundings without any fear. Along the adventure, he just sets foot on Minecraft world that is under an onslaught of many zombies and creepers! Cannot bear anymore, he decides to take actions, and of course, he is really in need of your hands – an excellent hero! Get ready for the upcoming challenge? Come on!

See! A superhero is in the air. Hence, he needs to be kept in balance. That’s your first activity. Secondly, brilliantly help the man aim and launch any exact shots at all the flying foes ahead. Do best to eliminate a number of opponents because their death can give you the higher scores and more alluring bonuses. Simply perform these two vital jobs at the same time while avoiding letting the character fall underneath. Otherwise, the game stops right away!

Sounds simple, right? With you luck during the content of SuperCraft!


How to play

Fly by the mouse.
Shoot by the spacebar key.


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