Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story

Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story

Once again, Bob – the snail – needs your help to accomplish another adventure in Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story . Have you tried this 7th edition yet? Come and explore cool things now!

In this journey, Bob is on the way to his friend – Billy. However, it seems hard for him to go there alone. Be a brilliant companion and support him to get over different kinds of obstructions. Solve all the problems in 30 levels to conquer this challenging puzzle game. If you don’t want to see Bob in any dangerous situation, please be careful to take him to the exit door in each stage. While performing, take advantage of red buttons to help him get out of troubles. Watch out the deadly creatures hidden in somewhere as they can attack our little snail. Collect enough golden stars for earning the bonus.

Can Bon reach his friend’s house safely? Enter Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story and see the result!

How to play

Use only the mouse to solve the puzzle in the game.


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