Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob 2

Do you remember Snail Bob in a reputable game series? If so, you today have a chance to enjoy his h next trip within Snail Bob 2! He must go through a horrible jungle and come to his grandpapa’s birthday party. It is your task to make his trip smoother. Go now!

The game is about having all puzzles resolved during the Snail Bob’s journey, just like other previous versions. In every area of the jungle, you should guide him to the exit as flexibly as possible after going through valleys, traps, gaps, and obstacles. Simply touch the buttons or tools to create bridges or free way for him. The best way to protect his life is to watch out for other ugly monsters! Defeat them all by the given weapons and lead him through the forest.

Don’t feel scared. Just believe in yourself. Have a joyous time in Snail Bob 2! Hope that you are lucky!


How to play

Manage the puzzle game by the left mouse.


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