Slimey’s Quest

Slimey's Quest

If you are very sick of traditional platform games in which everything seems to be pre-made, feel free to enjoy a new type of platform game, namely Slimey’s Quest! Your actions are expected to cause immediate reactions, so it’s better to have fully prepared for anything! Good luck!

The game’s story is all about Slimey, whose favorite is to discover the new landscapes on Earth! But, he is now on a difficult journey because his road is full of unknown dangers! Surprisingly, the path will constantly change anytime he steps on the weird buttons. However, he’s urged to set foot on such the buttons to move on! Can you help him survive this tough journey as his guide? Always remember that a lot of spikes and other deadly traps may suddenly spring up. Hence, keep yourself wary and careful while maneuvering the main character. If Slimey occasionally falls into these dangers, he is no longer and the game ends!

Have a wonderful moment with Slimey’s Quest!


How to play

The left-right-up arrow keys are acceptable to savor the game.


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