Sky Quest

Sky Quest

Sky Quest first draws your attention by its imposing features! Just get yourself immersed into its fun playfield right away! Let’s start!

The game tells about a sailor whose dream is to discover every sea around the world. But, in this trip, he is being chased by loads of gruesome monsters in the planet. How dangerous it is! Only your participation in the game may help him escape from this chase. And your task is to battle against these enemies by hook or crook. Simply control him up and down to stop the monsters from reaching his ship. That is the only task you must do here as he automatically shoots fireballs at the targets. Consider acquiring necessary upgrades to recharge his energy after each round!

Spend a few moments on enjoying Sky Quest now, all players! Let’s help the character win a resounding victory!


How to play

Sky Quest is played by using the left mouse.


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