Shop Empire 3

Shop Empire 3

Another version of Shop Empire, namely Shop Empire 3, is now accessible to meet your desire of tasting something novel and fascinating. There is no reason to refuse it! Here we go, dear players!

Originally, it is a medieval business game that is amazing enough to get you shocked. You are required to build and run a kingdom so that it will be richer and more prosperous over days. To put it simply, you should earn much more income by controlling different stores and booths inside the kingdom. The best way here is to hire and staff and buy equipment and necessary items for each store by using the budget nicely. Once getting profit, you should consider forming more shops as well as expanding the business.

The name of Shop Empire 3 just says all what you wish to know, right? Hope that you are a smart trader! Get started now!

How to play

The left mouse is held to enjoy Shop Empire 3.


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