Shark Lifting 2

Shark Lifting 2

Shark Lifting 2 does put all gamers in the role of a retired pro wrestler who has spent his life for a competition, namely shark lifting. His ultimate wish is to achieve a god-like state. Get ready to lend him a hand? Here we come!

What to play in the game is really simple. Every event gives you a 20 second time limit to do your job. Players are required to click the left mouse as fast as possible to lift the shark. The faster this shark is lifted, the more points you will earn. There are 30 levels you should conquer. The final level even requires players to lift a Megalodon above their head. Try best to complete every level ideally to gain the nice result!

Get ready? Of course, Shark Lifting 2 becomes a good chance for those who want to improve their clicking skills. Let everyone get enthralled by your performances now! Let’s go!


How to play

Click the left mouse to enjoy Shark Lifting 2.


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