Serious Dave

Serious Dave

Are you afraid of dangerous zombies and undead? Never! Then, Serious Dave is exactly designed for you! This is truly a nightmare and the main target is to escape and avoid them all. Come on whenever you are ready!

The major objectives revolve around helping the bearded character to rescue his fellows as soon as possible and overcoming all the in-game levels with a terrific consequence. To win a noble victory, it is a must to keep going around, jumping over, and avoiding anything, which is preventing your journey. Ah, gathering the coins is an efficient way to earn much money for robust weapons. Meanwhile, it is equally important to kill all the disgusting monsters on the way.

What do you feel? Serious Dave is worth playing, right? Wish you luck and happy!


How to play

Navigate menus: The left mouse.
Jump up/down platforms: The Up/Down arrow (or W/S) keys.
Shoot: The Z/Spacebar key.
Ultimately shoot: The X key.
Change weapon: The C/V key.


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