Sentry Knight 2

Sentry Knight 2

Time to demonstrate your true ability, dear boys! Have you ever imagined that you wear the armor and become a brave knight to prevail against enemies? Today, let us make your dream come true by engaging in Sentry Knight 2 and starting the cool role now!

See! A knight is now trying to detain hordes of hateful monsters in sneaking deep into his town by shooting weapons at them. He seemingly gets stuck as the enemies are stronger and more crowded. He will be soon defeated to death without your support, dear players. What you must do to intervene in the battle is to help the main character cleverly adjust the bow so that arrows may be accurately aimed and shot at the foes. Of course, once they are all exterminated, he will succeed in defending his place.

Happy time with Sentry Knight 2! Good luck to you all!


How to play

Aim with the mouse.
Cast the spells with the 1-7 keys.


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