Running Fred Lite

Running Fred Lite

Here is Fred, and he looks like miserable! In fact, he’s just lost in a deadly maze of evil monsters for many days without finding the exit. So, your participation in Running Fred Lite seems to be his final glimmer of hope. Please make your entry into the maze, and instruct him how to get out of here safely, dear guys! Let’s go!

With many dangerous and mysterious rooms full of traps, the maze becomes Fred’s big obsession. He’s now automatically running along pathways in every room. The major task every player must take up is to navigate him through all traps (bottomless gaps, sharp spikes, blades, and so on) until he comes to the surface ideally. Keep in mind that he himself cannot destroy any object to free way for him. Thus, get assured that you carefully observe all inner rooms to stay away from all obstacles and dangers ahead.

Good luck to you in Running Fred Lite!

How to play

The left and right arrow keys are for moving.
The spacebar key is for jumping.

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