Run 3

Run 3Oh, no! A cute creature has got lost when exploring the outer space. Join in Run 3 to help him find a way back, guys! There’s no time for waiting or thinking! Go now!

What’s the chief objective in this running game? The players should support that creature to overcome his difficult situation. Guide him to look for the right path and run forwards to lead him to the final destination. Along the way, players might face up to lots of deadly gaps between the platforms. Just press the prescribed buttons to let the creature jump over those wide gaps. When seeing three-way crossroads, don’t forget to turn, ok? Don’t ever let him drop down from the obstacles, or the game will stop instantly. Can you accomplish this hard journey? Be clever and careful to conquer the whole game!

Try to use your capacity to bring that creature back home successfully. Wish you succeed and have fun in Run 3 !

How to play

Run: WASD/arrow keys.
Jump: spacebar.

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