Rumble in the Soup

Rumble in the Soup

Follow us, please! Just indulge yourself in one of the most impressive games, called Rumble in the Soup! It belongs to an action-shooter game! Winning the game is easier if you are confident of your skills and abilities! Go now!

The main job is to role-play Rambo Duckling who is equipped with a lot of superb weapons to mob up opponents. What the most terrible thing here is they menace your character by impressing his purple friend. How to help him now? Just swim through the bowl and take down all the opponents to death by making use of your gun or grenades. During the violent combats, make efforts to counter-attacks and collect coins as many as you can to make deals on other useful upgrades.

See? Rumble in the Soup is worth your time, right? Have a fun moment!


How to play

Explode a grenade: The left mouse.
Collect coins: The right mouse.
Open the store: The Spacebar key.

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