Rogue Soul 2

Rogue Soul 2

Have ever played Rogue Soul before? Today, its new innovation with the name of Rogue Soul 2 is available to serve your demand! You must go through a lot of obstacles before reaching the target! Because the main character is the best thief, the game is not suited to those under 18!

The in-game character wants you to help him run, leap over, slide, kill, and do everything so that he is well able to overcome any tough territories and become the winner. Further, don’t forget to inform him of going the shop to buy other advanced upgrades. Thanks to these items, he becomes more confident in dealing with other upcoming dilemmas. What makes the game stunning and alluring is a wide variety of skin options.

Don’t give up if you fail on the first try. This is now welcomed in Rogue Soul 2!


How to play

Go anywhere by the arrow keys.
Slide by the Z key.
Throw by the X key.
Pause the game by the Esc or P key.


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