Road Of Fury 2

Road Of Fury 2

Today, we want to dazzle you with a thrilling but interesting adventure! How? Just accompany us to the playfield of Road Of Fury 2, and you’ll be addicted to the game’s content and graphics. Get ready? Get started here!

You must role-play a skilled sniper, whose name is Cole. In fact, he is requested to fulfill the secret mission: That is to protect the Exploding Orb from hordes of masked men. Equipped with a high-technique vehicle, you must simply be clever and skillful to control it. Meanwhile, it is also necessary to demonstrate your accurate shots at the chasers and other flying UFOs. Smartly avoid their counter-attacks! Ah, don’t forget to upgrade the superb nuclear engine for the car by making deals on advanced boosters. Pick up power-ups & coins along the way, remember!

Road Of Fury 2 does impress its fans with lots of imposing and glorious action scenes!


How to play

Aim and shoot by the left mouse.
Turn on the engine by the 1-3 keys.


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