RazeHordes of aliens, robots, and zombies intend to invade the Earth. Hurry up, guys! Grasp your weapons and fight against the cruel creatures for the survival of our planet. You are free to choose 10 kinds of weapon from the storage: Sniper Rifle, Railgun, Assault Rifle, Zapper, Magnum T2, Bio Uzis, Plasma Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Ice Chaingun, and Flame Shotgun. Combine your fighting skills with strategy tactic to defeat the brutal enemies. If you want to play as an alien to conquer the Earth, finish all 15 missions for rescuing the Earth first. Remember that the alien missions are much harder. Jump into Raze to dip yourself into the roughest life-or-death battle. Don’t forget to share us your achievement!


WASD keys or Arrow keys are for movement.
Press W key or Space bar to jump.
Use your mouse to aim and shoot.
Press a number from 0 to 9 to select a specific gun.
Use Q and E, or Enter and Shift to switch weapons.


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