Raze 3


After a long waiting period, Raze 3 has finally showed up! This time, with cool graphics, fascinating content as well as more challenging missions, you will be captured right away. Now, let’s try it!

In this 3rd installment, the players will team up with their companions before accepting the main task. When taking control the soldier, you must give him a training course to understand basic steps in moving, jumping, using a gun, aiming and shooting, etc. After getting useful knowledge, be prompt to take him to the central base and start finding the enemies. Once seeing any of them, please shoot bullets towards them without any hesitation, ok? Pick up the advanced weapons on the way to preserve the soldier’s life. Save money to upgrade skills and weapons!

Have enough ability to be the last champion? Jump into Raze 3 and see the final result!

How to play

Control: the arrow keys.
Aim and shoot: the mouse.
Jump: spacebar.
Switch weapons: Q/E keys.


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