Pre-Civilization Bronze Age

Pre-Civilization Bronze Age

At the first days of Bronze Age civilization, mans started to learn how to build and enrich their ancient life by making use of bronze tools to plant trees and hunt animals. Today, let us give you a chance to experience the life of this age by joining in Pre-Civilization Bronze Age. Time to come back to the Bronze Age and begin anything you like, dear players! Come on!

First of all, consider clicking on a few symbols to feed animals, and then wander around the game map to find materials and resources. The most important job is to set up many glorious constructions (bridges, castles, shelters, pyramids, towers, gates, gardens, farms, etc.) on the ground. Reaching the great civilization is not simple and smooth as we think. Enemies disturb and destroy achievements for sure. Hence, players are advised to hire more warriors who’re in charge of confronting these bad creatures.

Try best and good luck in Pre-Civilization Bronze Age!


How to play

Play Pre Civilization Bronze Age by the left mouse.


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