Pinata Hunter 3

Pinata Hunter 3

If you are fond of sparkling items, Pinata Hunter 3 is a right place to settle! What to expect from the stunning game for everyone of all ages and genders? Well, just accompany us to discover lots of cliffhanging features here!

As its name suggests, the main objective revolves around piñata. The best way to get presents and candies is to damage this item by the given tool. After each of constant hits, money will be added to the budget for sure. There is nothing greater than gathering the big fund and visiting the shop to buy other more powerful weapons (hammers, bats, swords, knives, blades, and so on). Frequently held in Latin America, Piñata is a traditional festival that wins participants’ heart and mind.

Just relax and feel comfortable to set Pinata Hunter 3 in motion! Let us see how talented you are!


How to play

The game is only played by using the left mouse.


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