Paper Minecraft v11.3

Paper Minecraft v11.3

Today, make no hesitancy to take part in the innovation of Paper Minecraft. And its name is Paper Minecraft v11.3, remember! Get ready to show us your exquisite displays in a new journey packed with many mighty characteristics! Here we come!

Have ever wished to set up your dreamlike buildings in a spacious environment? Nothing is impossible with the game! Just do whatever you like! The next task is to try to survive at night as long as possible when the bloodthirsty monsters appear. The best way at that time is to construct a shelter before something worst does happen. Ah, you’re also tasked with many other missions, i.e. instructing Steven to craft items and tools, guiding him somewhere to mine and congregate resources, learning the essential recipe from the Inventory, etc.

Empower your dream to come true by getting access to Paper Minecraft v11.3!


How to play

The keys from 1 to 9: Mine/place blocks and pick up items.
The WASD keys: Swim/jump/walk.
The E key: Open/close the Inventory.
The E key + hover: Open/close a chest as well as craft table, furnace/door.
The Spacebar key: Drop a single tile from a stack.
The F key: Eat food.
The Q key: Drop item.
The N key: Label a sign/chest.

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