Onet Minecraft

Onet Minecraft

Hey, practice your eyes by one classic matching game, called Onet Minecraft! It is the best way to check how sharp your eyes are! Crush down your hesitancy and let us see your skills! Let’s go!

The game can be a preferable choice for those who have ever been fans of Pikachu match game! What you must do is to pay attention to the pairs of any identical images. But, the most important thing is that the path between those 2 images does have a maximum of 3 lines. Before the time bar goes to zero, removing all the Minecraft images is the best strategy. It is equally necessary to save the point game. After playing, your score is also ranked with those who have every joined in this game.

Time does not wait for anyone. Hurry to engage in Onet Minecraft and solve the puzzles in the soonest time!


How to play

Choose the same items with the left mouse.


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