New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer

In New Star Soccer, you must shoot flawless goals and wisely plan your career to become the new star. Yes, start playing as a beginner and work hard to rise up. Enjoy the simple football game right now!

To become a football professional, you have to practice a lot! At first, pass your trial with a few simple passing routines as well as shooting exercises till you are provided with a contract by a lower league club. Second, work your way up into the high leagues. The most important goal is to become the next Lionel Messi or Wayne Rooney. What you need to play is a mouse. Make sure to click and drag so as to kick the ball, intercept a pass, or move your player. Then, do best to shoot the ball to the goal! Can you do it?

New Star Soccer is not hard to pick up at all. Before knowing it, you will be hooked. As a result, don’t be hesitant to select your player’s name and rise through the ranks!

How to play

Take control of the game: The left mouse.


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