Monster Frontier

Monster Frontier

Today, let us give you a new breath with an addicting training-fighting game, called Monster Frontier! It is more interesting that you will role-play a talented trainer of monsters! How dangerous the job is! Come on!

1000 years ago, mankind did get all the glory when conquering a gruesome army of monsters. Today, such the brave Earthy trainers aim to win another planet, of course, with the support of the Beast. Hey, you are now summoned to become their companion in the combat! The first job is to select your hero between Claude and Claudia – a monster trainer. Then, train your monsters well so that they have full preparation for the arena battles and adventures. Consider increasing their strength, agility, dexterity, and endurance through playing mini-games. Make deals on consumables in the shop as well as upgrade your equipment with the collected materials.

Monster Frontier is indeed a good zone to hone your skill and practice. Good luck!


How to play

The mouse: Take control of the game.


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