Miragine War

Miragine War

Considered a great fusion of a strategy & fighting games, Miragine War will be surely an ideal choice for those who want to prove their intelligence and potential skills. Get ready to taste it? Come here now!

During the cool game, your main mission is strategically to control the home troop so that all enemies will be beaten up. There are a huge number of panels located at the bottom; and all of the home soldier units are also set here, remember! Simply hit on every panel to train & lead the units towards the battleground. After that, they will automatically destroy the upcoming enemies. More vitally, if there is a flawless strategy for deploying & training the home troop, the opponent base may be quickly eliminated. Once this base has absolutely disappeared, no enemy unit is generated anymore.

Without a doubt, whether the battle wins a victory or not, it only depends on your stunning tactics. Let’s enter Miragine War !

How to play

Player 1.
Use the ASDW keys to choose select troops.
Player 2.
Use the arrow keys to pick up troops.

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