MiniCraft HTML5

MiniCraft HTML5

MiniCraft HTML5 tends to get a lot of attention from Minecraft fans since it is a cool chance to see how Minecraft meets Zelda! Have you ever played Mine Blocks before? Then, you are surely familiar with its content and rule. Let’s get started!

What to do after initially entering the playfield? Spend time on walking somewhere to chop down trees and accumulate any needful resources, such as acorn, workbench, glove, apple, wood, and more. The next job is to mine rocks. When everything is completed, consider opening the Inventory and crafting beneficial weapons and tools by the gathered items. Use these weapons to battle against hordes of zombies at night. Getting the air wizard killed is the best way to conquer the game interface! Avoid anything dangerous by building a shelter!

How do you feel? Great! MiniCraft HTML5 can help you become the most skilled survivor in the Minecraft world!


How to play

Maneuver the character by the arrow keys.
Launch attacks by the C key.
Open the Inventory by the X key.


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