Mini Commando

Mini Commando

Time to learn more about a touching story via Mini Commando – an adventure game, dear guys! While a man and his family members are on vacation to enjoy fresh air and cool activities, a group of bad men unexpectedly knock him senseless, and then abduct his beloved. Hurry to help him free them all now, players!

Please equip the main character with armor and gun to move ahead. The gripping game does contain a lot of stages, and there is no wonder that conquering them all is the key to protecting his family members from the unknown foes. To do that, it’s a must to deal with all guards firstly. How? Solving all of the in-game puzzles is always a wise idea. Simply interact with many different objects to find out the best one, and then safely guide the protagonist to the final destination.

Feel confident to keep all dilemmas ahead under control. Get ready? Good luck to you all in Mini Commando!

How to play

Use the mouse to relish the gameplay.


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