Mineral Rush

Mineral Rush

Attention, guys! Spend time enjoying another idle-click game – Mineral Rush! A huge chance to possess the precious treasure from Minecraft is waiting for you. Now, grab a pickaxe and start the adventure!

Here we are! Before beginning the task, the players need to create a powerful pickaxe and prepare a big bag as well. Let’s go to a dark cave with us! See 3 big rocks in the center of the screen? Take your time to mine them in order to obtain a huge number of valuable minerals like coal, gems, iron, gold, and diamonds. Please pay attention to your budget as when clicking the rocks, the money will increase automatically. During the game, watch out a dangerous man named Paulous! He often approaches your place to steal all the priceless stuff. Use $25,000 to stop his interruption, and remember to boost the miner’s health.

It’s enough for explaining! Hope you have amazing times in Mineral Rush!

How to play

Avail the mouse to collect materials.


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