Minecraft Tower Defense New

Minecraft Tower Defense New

Hi, guys! Minecraft Tower Defense New is now available to relish & explore its various awesome features.

During the game, you must support Steve in destroying all cruel creepers that approach his house. How? At first, try to create a straight path towards Steve’s shelter. Next, place different diamond swords along the path to attack the foes automatically. There’re lots of hostiles that players will face, like creepers, silverfish, bats, spiders, zombies, etc. During the battle, make an effort to defeat opponents as many as possible to gain more achievements. Besides, pick up all items (skulls, bones, and others) left behind the rivals’ body when they died. Never let any creature sneak into Steve’s house; otherwise, his lives will remarkably decrease.

Just survive more than 100 nights to conquer Minecraft Tower Defense New. Good luck to you all!

How to play

Avail the mouse to place the swords.


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