Minecraft Themed Shooting Gallery

Minecraft Themed Shooting Gallery

Let Minecraft Themed Shooting Gallery present you a terrific opportunity to prove your shooting skill! Are you ready to take up it and become the best sharpshooter? No time for thinking! Go with us now!

This game is considered as a special shooting contest with 4 main stages. Players should enter each stage and show their own shooting skill to attain the best result. For instance, to the first 3 stages, they need to shoot down 3 creepers, 3 TNT blocks, and 1 Skeleton. Keep in mind to perform in the soonest time in order to move onto the final stage. At this time, the players will have a chance to pick up one among the 3 landmarks as 5, 10, and 30 seconds. Choose one and then start shooting down TNT blocks. Of course, they should express their best ability to obtain the excellent result.

Time to play and hope you have a big success in Minecraft Themed Shooting Gallery ! Good luck!

How to play

Click on the left mouse to aim and shoot.


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