Minecraft Platform

Minecraft Platform

How could a little critter get out of a large and dangerous maze in Minecraft Platform ? Be prompt to show your goodness and excellent capacity to help him turn back to his net safely! Are you willing to do? There we come!

At the moment, players need to support the critter to find a hidden door in each stage. Owing to that, he can return to the ground soon. Keep in mind that the door is often placed on the right side of the screen. Hence, just guide him to move towards here, okay? In addition, the players should beware of some dangerous bugs and a big Minecraft man at the end of the cave. To prevent these dangers, be quick to aid the critter to jump on the bugs and use his arrows to shoot down the man. Remember to do quickly and cautiously to preserve his life.

Believe that you can help the critter overcome in Minecraft Platform successfully? Do it and show your final result!

How to play

To instruct the critter, hit arrow keys.
To shoot, hit spacebar.

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