Minecraft Dash html5

Minecraft Dash html5

Most of Minecraft fans are familiar to Steve – an adventurous person with the dream of discovery! Now, he continues inspiring your travel flame by unearthing the Minecraft realm. Your great participant in Minecraft Dash html5 does help him dodge many dangers ahead smoothly! Here we go!

Once chilling out and regaining his lost energy on a desert, Steve does not realize that a giant rock slowly rolls towards him! How terrible! The rock can crush down him in pieces anytime! As his guide, it is your duty to assist him in escaping from the rolling rock as fast as possible! See the deep holes ahead? While running, you should maneuver him to avoid or even leap over such the holes so as to protect his life! The higher level you play, the quicker the rock seemingly rolls. Stay cautious and focused, please! Dare to deal with the 8 levels in the game? How excellent you are!

I believe that the content of Minecraft Dash html5 is so attractive that you can not deny it! Happy time!


How to play

Use the left mouse or touch the screen: Control Steve


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