Minecraft Block Ninja

Minecraft Block Ninja

If you have ever been addicted by the fun content of Fruit Ninja, let us offer you good news! Minecraft Block Ninja is now accessible with the same rule! But, its traits are expected to more interesting and impressive than its original version! Exhibit as many constant hits as possible! Let’s get started!

After landing on the playfield, what do you see? Is an amount of watermelon blocks, grass blocks, and so on bouncing from the bottom? Well, players are all requested to sharply slice down as many fruits blocks as possible with the given weapon. On the way, don’t forget to be wary of the TNT blocks as they increase the chance of exploding everything, making the game come to an end easily! Are you confident to conquer the game with only 3 lives? How excellent!

There is no time to hesitate anymore! Happy days with Minecraft Block Ninja!


How to play

The finger can be used to touch the devices; otherwise, the mouse button is held and controlled to chop.


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