Minecart Clicker

Minecart Clicker

Have ever played Minecart Clicker before? The new installment of Minecraft is what we want to gift you today! Who can deny the opportunity to earn much money and become rich? No one! The game is listed as Idle Clicker game type, remember!

In the game, the minecart is outstanding as the most important item. Your goal is to non-stop click on it to gain more and more minecarts. After a number of minecarts are considerably collected, it is time to consider making deals on many upgrades in the Shop (ranging from Iron, Coal, Diamond, Gold, to Crown). That way, the process of generating minecarts will be automatically done, which may increase how many minecarts you get per click. Buying crown that is mainly priced at 100,000 is the quick way to win the game’s content.

Click, click, and click! How interesting! Happy time with Minecart Clicker!

The left mouse: Take control over the idle game.


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