Mine Runner 1

Mine Runner 1

Wow, most Minecraft dwellers are now eager to welcome an annual important event, called a running tournament. Well, it is held with the main aim of choosing the greatest runner in the Minecraft world. The honorable reward for the winner is too attractive – a gold cup; that’s why a countless number of creatures are trying best to hone their running skill. And Steve is not an exception; the ambitious person never lets this occasion slip out of his hands. Luckily, he’s just found out a perfect spot for his practice. And an old temple is what I want to mention. Dear players of Mine Runner 1, are you ready to lend him a hand? Come on!

Right after entering the Minecraft land, you must do a significant job of safely guiding Steve through the temple to the final destination. On the way, try best to help him evade other disgusting monsters, jump over blocks, duck under fences, etc. How hard the mission is!

Good luck to you all! Try best to conquer Mine Runner 1!


How to play

The spacebar: Jump.
The AD keys: Move left and right.
The S key: Duck.
The W key: Launch attacks.


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