Mine Blocks

Mine BlocksHello gamers! Are you ready to dip yourself in a new adventure? Play Mine Blocks right now to spawn in the center of the Minecraft world. Take a walk around the land to find out the best location for your mansion. Continuously, grasp your powerful pickaxe to mine raw materials such as gold, dirt, silver, diamond, sand, rocks, ore, and so on to craft useful items based on the available crafting recipes. Place the blocks on the ground to build the basement. Remember to add sun, moon, and water to make the world more splendid. You can build a swimming pool with 50 blocks. Besides, you will be provided with necessary items like liquid physics, bugs, and portals. Try to kill as many monsters as you can to gain more XP points. Enjoy yourself!


Use the ASWD keys or arrow keys for movement.
Use the left mouse for mining, building and crafting.
Space bar is to jump.

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