Mine Blocks 1.28

Mine Blocks 1.28

Today, you are invited to enjoy Mine Blocks 1.28 which has spacious enough to build and decorate your own world. What are in your mind? A castle? A church? A garden? Whatever you are thinking of, simply produce them to prove how surprising your creativity capacity is! Come on!

Yes, you are provided with a free and empty to place to do anything without asking for rent. There is no ultimate purpose here. It is possible to mind blocks, craft materials, and use your crafted items to build any construction of dream. Furthermore, with the latest features, like fixed bugs, commands, and skins, your time is said to be greater.

Are you ready to do a job of a future architect? Let’s make your dream come true by entering Mine Blocks 1.28 right away!


How to play

Go walking with arrow or ADSW keys.
Mine blocks and craft items: The left mouse.
Place blocks by the mouse and Shift key.

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