Mine Blocks 1.27

Mine Blocks 1.27

The ideas of Mine Blocks 1.27 are similar to its original Mine Blocks series for sure. It is mainly related to building anything on the grid through simple blocks. Feel seduced, huh? Don’t let the chance of becoming a talented architect slip out of your hands!

Spending a lot of steps on creating an imposing construction is a must. First, go around fields, forests, deserts, hills, and other terrains to congregate all the useful resources. They are automatically saved in the storage. Merely drag the items of favorite out the Inventory and start setting up them on the ground for the process of building. The final step is harder to complete! That is to craft superb tools e.g. torches, axes, hammers, and others in order to speed up this process. Don’t forget to unearth valuable things under the ground.

You will have an unforgettable time during the playfield of Mine Blocks 1.27, I bet.


How to play

Mine blocks with the mouse.
Go around with ASDW/arrow keys.
Place blocks with the left mouse and the Shift key.

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